International Tournaments conducted on Synco Carrom boards.
3rd World Cup Carrom tournament 2010-2011 at USA.
Prestigious National tournaments conducted on Synco carrom boards.
Why us
Why we are best in QUALITY
  As stated the technology we are using is far advanced to what rest of the world is depending upon.
  Only company to have 50 years of experience behind and that too now combined with latest R&D measures.
  The German gadgets we use for finishing are the first time ever in the history of Carrom Boards
  Each top quality board is tested and signed by India's topmost player
Why we are so capable to offer crashed PRICES
  We are the largest sports consumer of wood in entire India . Even if you combine the stock of wood of all the
Indian manufactureof Carrom Boards , we would still have more than them all in our warehouse.
  Being such a large consumer , our purchase is direct and the cost proves to be very low as compared to others.
Why we can be RELIED so much
  SYNCO has a penchant for Carrom and has been formed only to see Carrom on the heights in world. Its
our Endeavour to make sohigh quality Carrom Boards that the world gets its interest into it.
  SYNCO is working actively to make sure the popularity of Carrom spreads fastest possible in world and
also is one of the game in Olympics.
All Carrom Boards, manufactured under the brand name Synco are having scratch proof and
+ water-proof playing surface.
Standard size of playing surface is 29” x 29”